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CrossFit Rectify – CrossFit


3 Minute AMRAP: Nice and easy

5 Slam balls

5 Slam ball get ups=slam ball from overhead, catch rebound, lay back with slam ball, touch slam ball behind head, sit-up with slam ball, return to standing with slam ball overhead and repeat

5 Slam ball thrusters

Stretch: wrists, ankles, hips, shoulders

Thrusters (6×2)

10 Minutes:

6×2 Thrusters from the rack-build in weight to a heavy double for the day


EMOTM for 5 minutes:

5 Thrusters @ 60% of today’s heavy double

(from the rack)

Metcon (Time)


Box Jumps 20/24

Kettle bell swings-American 35/53

Handstand push-ups

L1-box step ups, 25/35, feet on box push-ups

L2-box step ups, Russian KB swings, push-ups

Cool Down

Coach’s choice!

Friday’s workout will be 19.2. If you signed up, judging will take place in heats (depending on class size). If you are not signed up and wanting to workout, the workout will begin with each heat after a warm-up. Extra work can be done on your own after you’ve done the WOD.

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