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CrossFit Rectify – CrossFit


Bike or Row 20 Calories

3 Rounds:

With light dumbbell

5/5 1-legged deadlifts with dumbbell

5/5 dumbbell snatch

5/5 OHS with dumbbell

2/2 Turkish get-up

Stretch: wrists, calves, ankles

Power Snatch and Squat Snatch (5×1)

5×1 Power snatch-Use this as a warm-up for your squat snatch. Add an OHS to open up the hips and warm up the core if needed.


5×1 Squat snatch-build to a heavy for the day

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

2 Rounds

6 Chest to bar pull-ups

6 Squat snatch or power snatch to OHS


Rest 1 minute

2 Rounds

7 Chest to bar pull-ups


5 Squat snatch or power snatch to OHS

Rest 1 minute

2 Rounds

8 Chest to bar pull-ups

4 Squat snatch or power snatch to OHS


Scale weight as needed!

Modify C2B as needed!

Cool Down

Coach’s choice!

Extra work

For all athletes…especially those competing soon (Pam, Alex, Mason, Lorena) take advantage of some accessory work if you have the time. 🙂

Sandbag sprints or med ball sprint:

Two rounds:

200 M

100 M

50 M

Rest the time it took to complete each sprint!

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