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Functional Movement Screening

Identify potential movement impairments and asymmetries limiting your Performance both on and off the field/gym/office. Individualized assessments are conducted using seven fundamental Movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality in Individuals with no current pain complaint or known musculoskeletal injury. The goal is to recognize joint, soft tissue, and/or motor control limitations acting as only barriers to you reaching your full athletic potential. CrossFit Rectify has this available for all beginners and advance athletes with Dr Cheung.

The Vitruvian Physio, PLLC
Dr. Anthony Cheung
Physical Therapist

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

How you fuel your body is a big portion of your success in your health and fitness. That’s why, at CrossFit Rectify, we go above and beyond to give you the tools for success. One component of your initial programming is a resting metabolic rate test and nutritional counseling. This test determines your total caloric expenditure at rest, with lifestyle activities, and exercise. With that information we are able to give you the exact calorie intake to lose weight, maintain weight, or build muscle.


 RMR Info–

  • Rest metabolic rate specific to your body
  • Metabolism speed (slow or fast)
  • Rate based on exercise
  • Calories consumed for weight loss or muscle gain

VO2 Max Testing

One part of our in depth assessment is to pinpoint your fitness level and provide the best program specific to you with our VO2 max testing. Everyone’s body works differently. Basic charts use your height, weight and age. They are not going to give the heart rate most effective for your cardiovascular health. The Cardio Coach at CrossFit Rectify gives you the tools you need to succeed. You know exactly if your pushing your body too hard or not hard enough with this gold standard test.



VO2 Info

  • Aerobic threshold
  • Anaerobic threshold
  • Target heart rate training zones
  • Rate of recovery


Running Analysis & Mechanics Assessment

Learn how you can improve your speed, distance, and remain injury free in the process. We provide a video diagnostic and analysis stride by stride using the pose method style of running. We go over the pose method concept, running drills, programs, and any mobility issues you might have. This one hour session will change your thought process on running forever!

This running style helped Coach Krautner go from knee pained 5k’s to ultra marathons!

  • Hog’s hunt 50k trail run 2012
  • Rocky raccoon 50k trail run 2012
  • World tough mudder 2012
  • North face endurance challenge 2013