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Foundation Series

These small group sessions scheduled for beginners in their foundation month or if a current athlete wants a refresher on CrossFit movements. Instead of offering a set beginners course we provide new members unlimited access to the Level 1 workouts while completing the 2 required foundation sessions. We feel this is the best way for new athletes to increase their knowledge on exercises without effecting their fitness regimen.

Session 1 – Squats ( Air, Back, Front, OH) Press (Push Ups, Shoulder, Push Press, Jerk)

Session 2 – Deadlifts ( Sumo ) KBS, Jumps, Pulls ( Rows, Pull ups, Kipping) MB cleans


CrossFit Level I

Our Level 1 workouts provide you with a great fitness program while you still learn the CrossFit foundation movements. Our mission at CrossFit Rectify is quality! We want to give our undivided attention to each athlete for success. The workouts are challenging but scaled so athletes can develop great mechanics, build endurance/strength to progress into our level 2 workouts . Any weaknesses you might have will be addressed here to get a better foundation for your fitness goals. We max 8-10 athletes per class.

CrossFit Level II

The ability to perform any functional task at any moment is what CrossFit is all about. Level 2 workouts provide you with a great program structured to help improve your overall fitness level. Our focus is to challenge your ability to do constantly varied, high intensity, functional exercise. . We cover all key components in this wod. 8-10 athletes max per class. We strive on quality!





Specialty Classes

Open Gym

Don’t have time for a full hour class or do you just need access to a gym. We offer a exclusive membership to use our fitness studio  


Classes can be focused on specific trouble areas that effect performance using compression, various myofascial release techniques (foam rolling, lacrosse ball), band distraction, and PNF 11 am Sundays

Nutrition Assessments 

Part of the Foundation Series and One on One counseling.

CrossFit 30

30 min Metabolic Conditioning focused session to improve overall fitness. Great Class for Beginners or Athletes that are weak in their Endurance / Stamina.  5 – 5:30 pm Mon – Thurs.