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Foundation Class #3


Foundation Class #3

CrossFit Rectify – Foundation Series


Rolling and Lacrosse balling 101

We are adding length to shorten, tight muscles from being bad positioning or lack of use. The goal is to generate more muscle fiber activity and reduce stress on other muscles & joints during exercises

Foam Roll – IT Band, Inner Thigh, Back 40 sec each

Lacrosse Ball – Calves, Hamstrings, Shoulderrs 40 sec each

101: Squats w/ barbells (4×4, 3×3, 3×2)

3 position breakdown with Training bars and Med Ball for squat depth

Feet Shoulder width apart

Bracing Sequence

Bar position

Deep breath in

Push Hips back

Weight in heels

Drive knees out

Bottom position

Breath out as you ascend back up

Tall Spine ( Front Rack – High Elbows)

Drive knees out

Back Squats to MB w/ 3 sec pause

12 reps

Front Rack review ( Coach check first)

Front Squats to MB w/ 3 sec pause

12 reps

OH Bar Position Review ( Coach check first)

Overhead Squats to MB w/ 3 sec pause ( Facing Wall )

12 reps

After Drilling – Build up to Medium weight

Back Squat 4×4

Front Squat 3×3

OH Squat 3×2


Jump Rope 101

Single Under Pratice ( Bracing, Elbow in, Stay Relaxed thru your midline)

Double Under Pratice ( Body postion same, increased jump height and speed of wrist rotation)

7 Rds

Jump Rope

30 seconds on / 30 seconds off

DU is able to string 5-10 +

SU with with DU mixed


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