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Foundation Class # 4


Foundation Class # 4

CrossFit Rectify – Foundation Series


3 min Bike or Row

PVC Pass Thrus 20

Lunges w/ Rotation 20

PVC Overhead Squat 20


Shoulder Presses 101

PVC pipes and Wall ( athletes will maintain vertical spine for each press)

Strict Shoulder Press

20 reps (controlled)

Hand position, Bracing Sequence, Drive bar up, Chin Tuck, Full Ext. at Top

Push Press ( Hips get involved)

15 reps

Everything still applies from Strict: added – Dip knees out, Drive thru heels, aggressive hip extension to generate energy thru the bar

Push Jerk

10 reps

Everything still applies from Strict and Push Press : added – Re-Dip as bar path travels up, Full ext. in elbows, Full ext. in hips

Perform 2-3 sets

Press Complex (3,2,1)

Start w/ Training or Empty Barbell

Work up based on Strict

5 rds

3 Strict

2 Push

1 Jerk

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Box Jumps 101

( Think about that explosive KB swing movement, then knees to chest)

7 min Amrap

7 Box Jumps

7 Burpees ( Full)

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