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Mobility and Recovery

CrossFit is a fitness regimen that integrates constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensities.

With the addition of daily responsibilities and activities from the work place to home, CrossFit Rectify understands that in order to harness the full benefits of the CrossFit approach, mobility and recovery are keys to success.

From beginners with limited lifted experience to the professional athletes at the peak of their performance, mobility deficiencies have the potential to hinder progression and heighten the possible risk of injury.

Work by Dr. Kelly Starrett highlights 3 major components to his mobility education of CrossFit athletes from around the world:

  • Over tension – athlete is missing range of motion that is causing compensation of others
  • Open – Circuit Faults – athlete is moving in a bad position due to motor control ( the athlete thinks he is retracting the shoulders but they are forward
  • Adaptation Errors –How you take care of your body, No Warm Up / Cool Down, Limited Sleep, Dehydration, Poor Eating Habits, Prolong Sitting, Stress


With the benefits of having an on-site Doctor of Physical Therapy.  

Athletes of all levels at CrossFit Rectify are able to safely and effectively reach the summit of their fitness goals and motivation through an individualized and evidence-based approach.

Each athlete is taken through a functional movement screening before jumping into our CrossFit program. This helps the athlete get an idea of their ability to move properly and highlights any underlying issues that could affect performance.

All athletes will develop a knowledge of proper recovery at our gym. Your body is pushed and broken down during WOD’s to become better but It’s what you do the remainder of your day that helps you improve. That’s when the body is repairing itself to become better.

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