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Thursday 200702


Thursday 200702

CrossFit Rectify – CrossFit

Movement standards:

Jumping Jack:

Plate Halo:

Overhead Plate Lunge:

Negative Push-up:

Deficit Tempo Push-up:

Box Dips:


Wall Ball:


Warm-up (No Measure)

400m Run


2 Rounds

30 Jumping Jacks

20 Plate Halo’s (10 each way)

10 Overhead Plate Lunge


1: Negative Push-up (those that are working on a push-up) (5 reps @ 5sec negative tempo)

Negative Push-up

5 X 5 @ 5sec negative tempo

Maintain proper body position. If needed use the same elevated push-up position to keep your body properly engaged. Do not try to press up, FOCUS on the NEGATIVE TEMPO!
If you are able to do these on the ground, add a 6th set. If you are still working from an elevated position, try and lower the elevation.

15min to perform skill 1 & 3 (if working on a push-up)

15min to perform skill 2 & 3 (if you have 4 – 5 quality push-ups)

2: Deficit Tempo Push-up (already have 4 – 5 standard push-ups) (5 reps @ 5sec negative tempo)

Deficit Tempo Push-up

5 X 5 @ 5sec negative tempo

Hands on plates (25, 35 or 45). Chest should be below the top of the plate at the bottom. Maintain proper body position.
If you used a 45 plate last week, add a 6th set. If not, increase the height of your plate.

3: Box Dips (ALL) (10 reps)

Box Dips

3 X 10reps

These are to focus on building stronger triceps. The 10 reps should be challenging and 1 – 2 reps shy of failure.

If you need to scale, place your feet flat on the floor or lower the box height. If you need to go heavier, add a plate to your lap.

Keep elbows pointed straight back to keep the focus on the triceps.
If last week was tough and you had to take breaks during your sets of 10, stay at the same height/weight. If you completed last week with good form for all reps, either add a 4th set at the same height/weight or increase the height/weight.


Metcon (Time)

8 RFT (Rounds for Time):

9 SDHP (75/55)

7 Wall Balls (20 @ 10ft/14 @ 9ft)

200m Run
GOAL: 17 – 20min

Time Cap: 24min

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