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Tuesday 200623


Tuesday 200623

CrossFit Rectify – CrossFit

Movement standards:

PVC Pass Through:

Half Kneeling Windmill:

Plate Halo:

Elevated Push-up:

Push-up Shoulder Tap:


Butterfly Sit-up:

Single-arm Farmers Carry:


Warm-up (No Measure)

200m Run


10 PVC Pass Through’s

20 Half Kneeling Windmills (keep arm locked and eyes on the weight the whole time; don’t use a heavy weight)

10 Plate Halo’s


1: Elevated Push-up (10 reps)

The more upright the position, the easier the push-up. Choose a height that allows you to maintain proper form and is challenging.

Use the boxes or set a bar in the rack to achieve the correct height.

3 sets
Either try for a lower height or use same height if your form/posture wasn’t perfect last week.

If working on first push-up, perform exercises 1 & 2. 15min to complete both.

2: Push-up Shoulder Taps (20 reps)

Keep your hips as square as possible. Use wide feet for extra balance. Each tap should be slow and controlled.

Maintain tension in the whole body and drive the non-working arm into the groud to add stability.

3 sets X 20 reps
These will help strengthen the core and arms for the push-up.

3: Push-ups – EMOM X 7 – (if you have 4 – 5 quality push-ups) (:35sec of work)

7min EMOM

In the first minute establish how many push-ups you can do in :35sec. That will be your goal for the rest of the EMOM.

For the remainder of the minute, grab a PVC, lay on your back and do slow presses to help flush the muscle.
Reps should be an increase from last week. At least by 1.


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds For Time

15 Burpees

200m Run

15 Butterfly Sit-ups
GOAL: 14 – 17min (since this is a bodyweight workout, it is ok to finish quicker than the stated goal)

Time Cap: 20min

Accessory Work

Core: Farmers Carry (200m)

Single Arm Farmers Carry

Grab a heavy DB, KB or Farmers carry handle. Ideal weight is 50% of BW. Focus on keeping upright and not leaning to one side. Keep a tight and braced core during the walk.
Walk out 100m with one hand and switch on the way back.

5min to complete

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